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Reader review: “Travel Bites” review “A delicious journey” by David L. Blond, author of “The Phoenix Year”

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Thanks, David for the wonderful review. It is always great to hear what people think of my book “Travel Bites.”

A delicious journey!

“There are things that are guilty pleasures to me, but travel to distant, dangerous places, on a shoe string budget are not one of them, but I can dream of these trips in my mind. In the Hungry Traveller’s Travel Bites, we have stories of travel that are not only unique, but include tasty recipes to try at home. Part travel journal, part cookbook, part instruction manual on the do’s and don’ts of navigating the world beyond the modern airports and skyscrapers that increasingly homogenize experience, it is a wonderful journey of discovery with every passing page and vignette.

I was especially interested in the chapter that details how to deal in a souk or marketplace. How often have we dreamed of wandering through the markets of the Middle East, browsing but not interested in adding another thing to take home, and what to do if you are invited in to have tea, how to gracefully decline without offending. Or how not to take a safari on the cheap, but also knowing that the adventure alone was worth the hardship and the chance of food poisoning or catching a dangerous, debilitating bout of malaria.

So if you are in the mood for a travel book unlike any other travel book, pick up a copy of Travel Bites from the Hungry Traveller published by Wattle Publishing.

Travel Bites is available now!

Reader review: “The varying emotions I encountered as I read surprised me” by Aspiring Author

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Reader review of Travel Bites by The Hungry Traveller by Aspiring author:
“I loved this piece. I’ll admit to not having traveled extensively but after enjoying Travel Bites I became inspired to travel more, as well as vary my pallet’s taste in cuisine. The varying range of emotions I encountered as I read surprised me, especially in the context of the author’s discussion on the settings to The Bridge Over the River Kwai, a classic novel by Pierre Boulle. I learned about other cultures and food and plan to try my hand at cooking several of the recipes. If anyone enjoys learning about other landscapes and cultures, this is the perfect read. Overall this is a wonderful book and I look forward to future works from this author.”

Thanks, Aspiring Author! THT

Reader review: “Great Book” by Karolina

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Reader Review of Travel Bites by The Hungry Traveller by Karolina:
“This is a very interesting and unique book for those who love traveling and of course good food! Written in a humorous way. It definitely worth buying it.”

Thanks, Karolina! THT

Reader review: “Fun reading!” by John Poly

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Reader review: “Fun reading!” of Travel Bites by The Hungry Traveller by John Poly.

“Very entertaining read, nice idea to link together travel and food, which is something we all do but never think about.”

Thanks, John! THT

Reader review: “A hidden gem of a book” by Mike.

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Reader Review: Travel Bites by The Hungry Traveller by Mike.
“I came across this book by accident while scrolling through travel books. I am surprised that I had not heard of this book before. Written in a first person style similar to that of Bill Bryson, we are taken through a series of adventures where by the end of each story, we feel that we have actually been there. The experiences of the author are also things that many who have travelled could also well relate to. I personally liked the fact that the stories varied in emotion – although most were light-hearted and amusing (the story where the author got attacked by sea gulls made me laugh), some were also quite touching and sad – the retelling of the trip to the “Killing Fields” in Cambodia was definitely a story that all people should read. The interspersing of recipes throughout the book was a nice touch – how often do we eat things while on holiday and wonder how the dish was made. This is definitely a book to slip into your bag (or download onto the Kindle) as a holiday read – or given all the places that are covered in this book, help you plan your next trip!”

Thanks, Mike! THT