Travel Bites by the Hungry Traveller

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“Travel Bites” is a collection of anecdotal travel stories that criss-cross the globe. It is the first work by The Hungry Traveller who has combined his two great life passions: travelling and eating!

The Hungry Traveller has been travelling for the last fifteen years and, along the way, has experienced many different sights, tastes, smells and cultures. Central to his travel experiences has been the role of food. Through his unique and very personal style of storytelling, you too can share in the highs and the lows of his stories from around the world. At the end of each story is a recipe for a dish inspired by his adventure.

“Travel Bites” will capture your imagination and curiosity; and will leave you yearning to plan your next holiday, adventure or escape!

We hope that you enjoy this book as much as The Hungry Traveller enjoyed sharing his experiences.


  1. Rachel

    Hi Travel Bite Traveller:

    I’m super excited about your book. What a great idea! Traveling and food. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how good the gelato is here in Argentina. It’s funny how people always consider the Italians to have the market on gelato. I guess it’s the same since a large percentage of the population here is Italian immigrants.

    Your book looks amazing and it is a major accomplishment. Best of luck with everything! I look forward to updates and how successful it is!


  2. Darlene

    Nice site. Passing this on to my aunt who loves traveling and new recipes.