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I’m super excited about your book. What a great idea! Traveling and food. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how good the gelato is here in Argentina. It’s funny how people always consider the Italians to have the market on gelato. I guess it’s the same since a large percentage of the population here is Italian immigrants.

Your book looks amazing and it is a major accomplishment. Best of luck with everything! I look forward to updates and how successful it is!

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  1. The Hungry Traveller

    Thanks for your comments Rachel!

    Well I love to travel and I love to eat. I have had some great experiences travelling but what was amazing, was how many of these experiences were tied to food. I think eating local foods is a great way to experience cultures and meet local people (although I would be lying if I said that I have not had the occasional upset tummy afterwards)!

    I have never been to Argentina – but I love good gelato!

    Please post more about Argentina, I would love to hear more about it.